2019-2020 Dry Storage Suspended

We would like to inform you that the boatyard is closed, and we will be suspending the winter DRY storage operation for the Winter 2019 2020 season. When we resume winter dry storage, we will be eliminating all D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) work. However, winter WET storage is still available. Winter dry storage will resume in the marina parking lot when the flooding/resiliency efforts are completed in the travel lift area.


For the last 20 years we have worked hard to provide a boatyard that links the D.I.Y. past to the environmental and legal challenges of the future. Time marches on and as it does the regulatory and legal environments have become more difficult and expensive to navigate. We are no longer prepared to underwrite the environmental and legal risks associated with the D.I.Y. operation of a boatyard.


The Island End River is a source of flooding that impacts the food security for the Northeast as the Produce Center is within its flooding area. Climate change is adding to this problem. We were able to solve some of the problems of climate change presented to the marina when we increased the height of the pilings by seven feet. The next step is to raise the grade of the land on the travel lift side of the property by as much as four feet from the travel lift to the gazebo. The timing of this project is unclear. We do not want to find ourselves in the position of having boats in the middle of ongoing construction, or worse, trapped on land in the spring. Until the work on the travel lift side of the property is completed, we are not comfortable storing boats on land.


We will continue to provide in water “ wet ” winter storage and starting this year will combine it with a discounted haul/wash option as well as a haul/wash/bottom paint option. A boat in New England has a much shorter season than boats in the South. We can level the playing field by enabling you to extend your use in the spring and fall as everyone that stores in the water effectively be “LAST TO USE” in the fall and “FIRST TO USE” come spring. LV Marine offers services to our customers to winterize, shrink wrap, and spring commission boats in the water.

If you’re ready to sign up, head over to our winter storage info page or reach out to the office to sign up.


While we have closed the boatyard, we have not forgotten the friends that we have made through the years. All of us at the Boatyard and Marina here at Admirals Hill want to thank you for your decades of patronage.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.