Electrical Safety and Service Fee Policy


  • When we are alerted to a breaker being popped, we will reset the breaker once at no charge. Additional service calls will cost $35 each to reset the circuit.

  • If you run an electrical cord across the dock you are creating a tripping hazard and is grounds for immediate termination of your slip dockage contract.


When the marina was rebuilt 3 years ago, the electrical system was completely replaced. It was installed meeting current Massachusetts Electrical Codes. These codes are much more stringent than they were 30 years ago when the previous system was installed. Every time this has come up, the boat has been the source of the problem and not the system.

If your vessel is not grounded property or you overload the system, you WILL pop the breakers. If this happens, call the office and/or let Sandra or dock staff know. 

Never plug into another post! 

Each post is connected to a circuit that powers 2-6 boats. So, if you pop the breaker, you have shut down your boat and up to 5 other boats in your electrical string. If you plug into another post, you will be popping another breaker that will take out ANOTHER 2-6 boats. Plugging into another post is not the solution and will not endear you to your neighbors. 

In Closing

This is a safety issue, and is in place to keep people and property from any harm. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. If you do need to hire an electrician, to repair an electrical issue on your boat, please call the office and one can be recommended.

We appreciate you doing your part in making sure we all have a safe and comfortable time here at the Marina at Admirals Hill.